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tv   [untitled]    January 4, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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mysie is the only way out of the current stalemate sanctions will damage all sides . the oil prices now have increased this comes at a time where birth europe and the year worse are witnessing a very very a dire economic situation can only problems growth in the u.s. and europe and this latest step taken against iran will not only of course said the president for increasing economic problems for the west in general escalation won't serve any side whatsoever we've seen the economic situation in europe they'll be somewhat i believe very soon between the french leader and the german chancellor angela merkel to discuss the economic situation and so it's in nobody's interest to continue with this and they have to head back to the negotiating table the european union has agreed in principle i repeat in principle for not for an embargo on iranian soil now will that happen in effect will they take this measure in practice june will we'll see a meeting on january the thirtieth for the european union regarding this matter i
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doubt that that will happen on i believe in a from now until the end of this month until the end of january we might see some kind of a solution with players like turkey coming in trying to bring about the way a solution where i ask you what you think about this developing story on our website we're asking what do you think of the new sanctions on iran well this is what you've been telling us let's take a look at that graph say that so far over half of you that of taken the trouble in time to talk to or say iran will be pushed into a corner you think in sydney was sanctioned as an act of war fifty four percent seventeen percent of you believe the u.s. measures simply won't work and as you can see there the rest pretty evenly split between say the world economy will suffer as sanctions drive oil prices skyward and those of you think it's only going to hurt ordinary people in iran the ordinary man and woman on the street cast your vote at r.t. dot com. the iowa work orcus was the first major hurdle for republican candidates in. this year's american presidential election and it's
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already claimed so many casualties too but as many expected the symbolic primary fail to provide a fake it that the party could rally around the vote came as a surprise to many with expect the mitt romney beating is strongly conservative rival rick santorum by just eight votes trailing with two very small margin was wrong the only candidate who's against a wall with a rabbi michele bachmann who represents the right wing tea party movement to suspend her campaign that well for a dismal showing the current governor of texas rick perry on the other hand declared that he's staying in the race despite earlier reports that he may pull out of the poll results the former congressional aide and different joel rubin believes it's what paul would perform best in the run up by sex scandals mudslinging and tit for tat. in his foreign policy is very distinct from the other candidates in that he has a more isolationist viewpoint he wants the united states to retreat from
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international conflicts of international affairs in some areas that can be good he's opposed to military action with the ron who are supposed to be iraq war but the other candidates are all extremely hawkish on foreign policy very neo conservatives and ron paul does stand out amongst them he makes voters want to support him. leading the party and getting other republicans on board to really change the agenda no he hasn't done that someone who says i am a free american and i can make it on my own and that's what ron paul really embodies but republicans also understand that that kind of positioning will not win the general election against president obama. well as the republican campaign develops there's a growing question over just how much of a challenge of still pose to them of income to power a wave of hope four years ago is chances are beginning to look dimmer now with many previously ardent supporters expressing frustration with his broken promises and corporate influence that is more important as more.
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three years ago one historic campaign turned u.s. politics into a pop culture phenomenon. free for all the democratic candidate achieved unprecedented support international fame and a record breaking six hundred fifty million dollars in donations. thousands of new yorkers celebrated the victory clutching an enormous american flag hand sewn by obama supporters but the winds have changed and the very same democratic symbol waved in honor of the president elect in a way each strayed from a cherished right has been donated to the movement that became a phenomenon in two thousand and eleven there are twenty people holding out david murphy organize the flag project after being inspired by obama rhetoric a dream shattered by the subsequent years of politics as usual curly what's
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inspiring me is that because of us like that that's the thing that's inspiring you know like that's why i brought the fire ws and the thing that inspired me about it is the fact that it's a grassroots movement. that had a like a very clear and transparent process artist shepard fairey seems similarly just an chanted releasing an updated version of his iconic hope poster replacing obama with his now clear support for occupy wall street with an economy still in crisis wall street largely unregulated social programs slashed and over forty five million citizens on food stamps it all starts with making a decision to get involved obama's familiar prose may not be enough to win back his familiar fan base who didn't produce what people wanted him to produce in two thousand and eight perfessor an offer to offer cornell west was one of obama's biggest supporters i think he's got the beers you got the new season. at the
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version is taking part in more than one hundred campaign events but last april the prominent intellectual told r.t. that obama has failed he's a friendly face of the american empire abroad he's in the process actually of becoming very sadly a pawn of big finance and a puppet of big business and any politician here knows they're in trouble when the hollywood a listers start turning their backs are you happy with the way that obama has been running the country. you know. and i think i really think he. misinterpreted his. his mandate yet the approval ratings show voters are even more turned off with the alternatives leaving obama seemingly the lesser of two evils america's president clearly enters the twenty twelve race amid a growing band of disillusioned democrats most will still back barack obama over
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his republican rivals arguably with heavy hearts in two thousand needs he was the unassailable candidate of choice this time mr obama is likely to stay in by default. r.t. we are. still ahead for you this hour euro woes rage into the new year athens is now threatening to pull out of the u.s. so the declared default unless the e.u. agrees to public walk into economy it's the work of. damascus has criticized the u.s. for sending an envoy to cairo for talks with the arab league about ending the assad regime's crackdown on dissent syria's foreign ministry says the u.s. is interfering in a phase the third one of its business the baskets is pulled out heavy weapons and tanks from cities after pressure from reality which says that security forces however are still killing civilian protesters as quote a lot of biased political analyst chris bambery says western sanctions in syria are
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likely to be followed by intervention. i think we will see further sanctions and we should remember that sanctions work in former yugoslavia and in iraq word the pro used to war there were a way of softening up the those countries for direct intervention by nato and by american american forces the americans and its allies in the west are desperate to get a handle on the arab spring which has broken out that was one of the reasons for the intervention in libya we want to create will be a loyal ally of the west in the region although i think it would difficult because of the rise of islamic forces there this is a very dangerous movement in my opinion and i believe that what will happen in two thousand and twelve there will be a western intervention american intervention in that region because our for the one because i think there is a logical work here which will which cannot be stopped no. voting stations are closed in egypt after the final day of a three stage vote the country's first democratic election in more than half a century final results are to be announced next week with the muslim brotherhood
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being the favorite softer clinching the deal in the first two stages the vote last year earlier rounds rova shadowed by clashes between protesters and the army egypt's ruling military generals have been accused of clinging to power and now face anger over their handling of protests the first fifty nine dead since mid november recent army raids to a western sponsored n.g.o.s have added even more concerns over the country's stability we caught up with regional politics expert jeremy sold now his outlook on the development of the arab world's coming up in fall a little later this hour in artie's latest interview. when we look at what's been happening in the middle east and the policies the western governments of followed since been this year they have always had the noble motive we're doing this for this very very good reason but we don't have to be terribly skeptical or cynical to understand that actually behind the noble motive is self-interest if we look at what happened in egypt the west backed mubarak right to the very last and there was
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no longer possible to back in when it was indefensible they dumped him. greece has declared that it could ditch the euro and leave the eurozone in as little as three months that is unless the e.u. and the i.m.f. fund it with a second one hundred thirty billion euro bailout talks over the cash lifeline of stall for months with creditors demanding an overhaul of greece's economy which they see is ultimately doomed belgium business journalist to your involve believes the numbers say it all the greece's exit is unavoidable. the greek economy is going down like a stone. g.d.p. contracted by four percent in two thousand and ten by six percent in two thousand and eleven and there is probably worse to come in two thousand and twelve and i think we are now at a point where everybody has research realizes that we cannot go on lying list and that unrest and even an arche in the country is becoming so much of
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a threat that some drastic things need to be done and my reading of what the greek government is doing is that they are trying to they are looking for an alibi to offer to their public by which they can say well it's not our fault it's the international community that pushes us towards the exit of the euro zone and i think also here in europe at the brussels headquarters of the european commission people start to realize they really are at the end of the road there is no other option left for them they're in a deadlock they cannot rewind the greek economy and so they are facing in a big black hole where the economic crisis has been just one of a whole host of that may twenty eleven something of a rollercoaster across the world you can find more of that coverage as well on our website r.t. dot com we also focus on the other major issues too that shape last year's of them folded and bring you our correspondents firsthand accounts about reporting from world hotspots in our testimony series is online. also on the nights the planet
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party we've got a lot of pictures pictures now galleries there capturing the high spirits around the world as we all should in twenty twelve so you'll see there are t.v. dot com. it's seen as one of the biggest blights so modern day britain tackling gang violence that is proving really difficult with the government saying a firm response is the only means of dealing with it but the growing criticism that those attempts to improve the situation aren't actually addressing the roots of the problem laura smith explains. the dark underbelly of life in britain is in a city's gang culture dramatized here for a television series for gavin it was real life he got into a gang to escape a feeling of powerlessness an abusive home life where money was
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a constant struggle. so. over the top. for the crazy. people. at his lowest ebb gavin admits to having stopped and his story isn't unusual in deprived areas no where is the question of how to solve the gang problem in london more relevant than here in new. london two thousand and twelve olympic park but it's also got more gangs than almost anywhere else in london round here young people say you start just by hanging out with your friends on the streets and you end up in a spiral of gang violence and fear. in you're more than half of the kids are living
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below the poverty line and they don't feel the government doing anything to help them how can you hold me. you have to have a. no in a bar. in london and the neighbor. and the neighbor. if the government really knew and understood would be happening. when gavin met sheldon thomas an ex gangster himself he turned a corner and they're now working in a team to get young people out of gangs the government claims it wants the same thing and having laid the blame for august's riots firmly at the door of gangs their solution the carrot and stick method are as you found some excellent police work to identify and manage the highest risk members through a combination of targeted surveillance enforcement and arrest renny offense however
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minor and positive offers of training employment and drugs treatment for those who want a different life. but for those not prepared to break away from violence they will face harsher and tougher punishments but this isn't going to work according to shelton thomas who feels the government is forcing him at every turn what they do is they look at the manifestations of gangs gun violence burglars gang rape drugs to deter that's just a manifestation that's what the causes of it because in stem from family breakdown malls or window from society as a whole while the government rhetoric sounds encouraging other policies will undermine both carrot and stick economic austerity cuts will mean sixteen thousand fewer police officers on the streets and services that deal directly with gangs now will have their funding cut by between twenty and ninety percent in some areas that
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means young people like gavin in the future will have nowhere to go but the st lawrence smith party london. well as the british government plans further crackdowns on criminal going some are already feeling the full force of the law to ban the been sentenced to fourteen and fifteen years behind bars for the racist murder of a black teenager almost twenty years ago the judge said the punishment would have be much tougher of the men had been adults at the time the brutal stabbing of stephen lawrence shocked the country is a stark example of racial division. a series of explosions in the second largest city in afghanistan killed at least thirteen including a child the first blast was a suicide bomber attacked a police checkpoint where the bombs went off the violence comes a day after the afghan taliban announced plans to open an international there is an office in qatar so good could be a step which for the peace negotiations. thousands of people taking to the streets alone would prove protesting against the development of
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a gold mine the demonstrators say waste from the works will taint their water supplies the protests come in one of the country's most heavily mined regions. it also has a history of troubled relations with neighboring farmers and ranchers. developments in the arab world in north africa once again draw an international focus towards its impact on the middle east regional politics expert dr jeremy next gives r.t. his outlook for twenty twelve.
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thank you jeremy for joining us here on r.t. as well as call put it when it comes to the middle east there west talks. and acts brutally if it's true if you agree with this what should be done what can be done to prevent syria from falling into the pattern look at what's been happening in the middle east in the policies the western governments of followed since the beginning of this year they have always had the noble motive we're doing this for this very very good reason but we don't have to be terribly skeptical or cynical to understand that actually behind the noble motive is self-interest if we look at what happened in egypt the west backed mubarak right to the very last and there was no longer possible to back him when it was indefensible. and with him with the president of tunisia and then they moved very very quickly on libya what was
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happening in libya. absolutely terrible in many cases in the name of human rights. kind of attack in libya. syria you know it's kind of it's it's a protest movement it's democratic change and reform which are very worthwhile motives to support but there is another agenda there which has to do with broader global and regional strategies what has the libyan scenario failed in syria will the western powers change their tactics i think that libya was the template for syria they kind of went to the u.n. they got the no fly zone resolution and that opened up libya to aerial attack and i think they thought that they could repeat this in syria but it didn't prove to be possible largely because of russia actually because russia made it plain that it would not support another no fly no fly zone resolution in the security council so this left the government of britain france and the u.s. in particular with you know they had to work out what policy they were going to
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pursue you know still think they would like to intervene in syria but they realize it's not the same as little or nothing as libya is a different situation altogether stakes are much higher the risk is much greater the danger is about greater because intervention in syria how would you describe it whether you're talking about a buffer zone or you're talking about humility a humanitarian causal as the french foreign minister does it still adds up to the same thing the invasion of another country and syria would resist that iran would get involved actively get involved it's hard to take the fall back position i think is to support. certain activities inside syria which are calculated in the downfall of the assad government and its replacement by. government will be formed presumably from. i presume would take take over in your book the unmaking of the middle east you chronicle the law in atlanta history of western invasions in arab lands with all the efforts by the u.n.
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and arab league of arab league is the threat of foreign military invasion for syria is in the past right or not yet of course is still a possibility of course as to the possible to put a rather do because of foreign intervention would be service be however it was done would be to kind of maintain the support for what's happening inside syria on the side of the opposition and their calculation would be that sooner or later these precious if they were interned would result in the collapse of the assad government well as compare syria with the league and iraq to what extent the syrian national council similar to libya's national transitional council or iraqi national congress rockey national congress was almost a fiction leader no support inside iraq whatsoever. iraq for a long long time and he was pumped up because they wanted to create this body called the iraqi national congress so there was an iraqi voice in the propaganda
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war against saddam hussein the libyan situation the lives of the libyan transitional council as you know basically would affect us from the government tripoli jump ship when it got too hot they took a very informing them with the benghazi and the transitional national council for all of whom we didn't know we knew someone from all the places we can't say the syrian national council is largely composed of all the mixture of people who have their roots who are inside syria but the dominant i think exiles. has been in paris for a long time like read one. who's based in washington and has very very close ties with the state department you know what kind of clout holder these people have inside syria are they not much. you know so there are similarities between these councils and of course you know that the transitional national council for national
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transitional council in libya. recognized the syrian national council as a legitimate representative the syrian people it's not this is simple as that so it's kind of part of the the campaign against syria of which that that that now the lead part is now the libyan government is now part elections at various levels are currently on to go in in syria with more bad so what do you think will bashar al assad remain in power as a result and we have a very very dangerous situation in syria which could have exploded into a very very nasty proto breakdown inside the country and could lead to a regional war in this context let's see if this is given a few months and see how the process works for russia does have. a base of support so i don't think you could say that the party would be doomed the moment they call free elections that could well.
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one stream cascading from mountain slopes the view is miss mirage. but this beauty brings deaths and a speed of more than four hundred kilometers per. step in the long. i had a family i lived in a fairly nice community wasn't which was an upscale it was just like you know archie bunker society ok then they started showing up here what happened was my company decided i could get cheap labor and they got rid of us. through their. negroes and eaglets blood legally we have to get up every morning we have to go to work and you know we have to pay our bills and we have to do it and that's just the
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american dream and if you want the american dream you have to go by the last i figure is here's one of the major trails in the united states. i watch and they run run down my property and about this noise. or his legal team that cockroaches from coming over the wire is protecting the country i'm the kind of guy who doesn't mindedness pay and sturdy so i come out here you know we're all immigrants as well that we all carry some sorrow. this is our time to reclaim the american dream and reaffirm that fundamental truth that out of many we are one that won't bring the we hope. to me the american train is to live in peace and prosperity and freedom and a government under socialism is not a government a free kick. to.
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have very motivated out cross the country who are activists who are willing to fight for what they think is right for themselves but the fact is or to work for it . we are drowning in property drowning and i think it's spread out why it's cutting off our. it's making real democracy. all but impossible. if they shoot something inappropriate for a public they can easily be. casualties of war ok. i wish he would have never happened but it has happened. in a war a t.v.
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camera becomes an unnecessary what destroys their own safety all foreign nationals including journalists and inspectors should leave. and it's clear what happens with such witnesses i got among my sight. on. many respects. the issues shooting on our. mission. couldn't take three years for charges free. range means three. three stooges free. old free both quality videos. free video.
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how are they watching our top stories the u.s. says its war ships will stick to their missions to recruit out of the persian gulf despite warnings miranda stay away the standoff continues to drive up oil prices and tension. the republican presidential candidate race gets underway and voters remain indecisive over just two to put forward to capitalize on disillusionment with barack obama. the euro's woes flare up again after a christmas a lull with athens now threatening to ditch the eurozone unless the e.u. and i.m.f. bailout cash collapsing economy. head back to polling stations
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for the third and final round of a parliamentary election the first vote there since president mubarak was toppled in february. you're watching more news twenty four seventh's from. the cola peninsular and rushes north home to the q.b. in the massive mountain range this is the cold and windy bolshoi pass the snow here between one and a half and four meters deep avalanche safety specialists are probing the snow structure on one of the slopes. the top layer of snow drifts on a slope is unstable and skis can trigger an avalanche shift attention those of you who are keen to scull mountain thinks please be careful.

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